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Green Development & Management Solutions


We partner with developers to bring green solutions to projects.  As environmental efficient experts, we bring:


  • Property management – As seasoned property managers we have experience with both residential and commercial real estate management.  We bring BOMA’s RPA experience to our projects as well.


  • LEED & Energy Star Consulting – As early adopters to USGBC’s LEED Certification process, we have LEED Accredited Professionals on our team as well as Engineers authorized to calculate Energy Star ratings for buildings.



PACE in 90 seconds


PACE financing consulting – With commitment to greener builders we have decided to focus our skills towards this exciting new financial structure to the capital stack of development projects.  PACE financing is a way to bring as much as 100% of the financing required


State of Michigan

State of Illinois


Microbusiness Creation Support 


Our clients really appreciate our commitment to community.  We work very hard to service our residential properties with local microbusiness specialists.  We encourage our peers to start small businesses, too.  Our founder has written a book on the topic.  Making a Microbusiness is written at a GED level to encourage all local residents to start businesses where they are right now.  TAG Properties, Inc. has been small and nimble enough to service the community with its ever-evolving needs.  In 2013, we created a nonprofit called TAG Foundation, which services the community in other ways.  This organization is committed to urban walkable communities as well.

Through the management of commercial and residential properties in urban communities, we are able to recommend unique and vibrant small businesses to our clients for retail occupancy.   This doubling of services makes our operation a one-stop-shop for owners that care about their property as well as their social and economic impact on the community.


End-of-Life Furniture Management


We are your one-stop furniture management resource. We specialize in end-of-life redistribution and management for your office furniture and equipment. TAG helps corporations make the most out of their furniture liquidation, provides top quality resources to local non-profit organizations, and keeps unnecessary waste from clogging our landfills, polluting our land water and air. The EPA estimates that businesses discard approximately 3 million tons of furniture each year. This results in corporate disposal costs of more than $100 million per year! Our commitment to diverting furniture into positive second-life use will save you both money and hassle.


The office furniture redirection process takes time, patience and detailed expertise. TAG does the heavy lifting of managing your end-of-life furniture redistribution. We inventory and track your furniture resources, find suitable local non-profit partners, manage furniture packing and delivery, and provide you a detailed report with your total financial donation complete with current value estimates and documentation from our non-profit partners. In one move, you can avoid expensive storage and disposal fees, provide valuable resources to needy organizations, and boost your bottom line through positive environmental and social impact.


Behavior Change Management


Our team is committed to providing Behavioral Change Management that is scalable, replicable and focused on having a large impact on the bottom line of the operations and maintenance of our client’s buildings.


Our clients express a desire to become more environmentally and ecologically responsible. We provide sustainable educational to staff and create a snapshot of potential improvements to the client. This assessment is our first step to afford a competitive advantage in a market place that prefers healthy and efficient facilities.



We support clients with our change management methods including three tracks of execution:

  1. Green Workshop/Seminar Series

  2. Green Operations & Maintenance Manual

  3. Green Team Motivational/Execution Strategies


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